Area Chart

Area Chart

A Single Area Chart is used to provide metrics for a single data point. While similar to a line chart in both form and function, it offers an area fill for visual emphasis. The area fill below the line also functions to indicate cumulative data.

  • The most common use case for area charts is to show trending over a continuous scale (usually time.)
  • Use this instead of a line chart when you need to provide more visual emphasis than a simple line chart would offer. See the Line Chart pattern for more information about line charts.


Area Chart


  1. Axis Lines: - The “x” axis is commonly used for time values, and the “y” axis is used for metric values. - Use consistent spacing for the axis line intervals and tick marks. - Tick marks are optional.

  2. Grid Lines: - Horizontal grid lines (recommended): The lines help users associate a point in the chart with a value on the axis. - Vertical Grid lines (optional): While helpful, in some contexts they might create visual noise.

  3. Data Line: - A solid line is used at the top of the area chart to show a total value. - Use straight lines (linear interpolation), if it’s important to display more precise data values.

  4. Data Area Fill: - The area fill is presented below the data line. - Data area fills use colors that conform with the PatternFly color palette.

  5. Interactive Data Points: - Specific data points may be represented by dots on the line portion of the area chart. - To help the user see which point they are hovering, the dot expands and a vertical line is displayed. In addition, a tooltip should appear with the associated values for that specific point in time.

  6. Chart Title: Provide a title that describes the chart.

  7. Legend (optional): Provide a legend that associates the individual data point with a color mapping. It may be used to provide more detailed information in support of the chart title. Position the legend below, or to the right of the chart.

PatternFly Core Example

Single Area Chart

Reference Markup

<script src="components/c3/c3.min.js"></script>
<script src="components/d3/d3.min.js"></script>
<div id="area-chart-4" class="line-chart-pf"></div>
  var areaChartDataColumns = [
    ['data1', 350, 400, 350, 0],
    ['data2', 140, 100, 150, 205, 145, 50],
    ['data3', 10, 60, 90, 10, 325, 400],
    ['data4', 260, 10, 305, 100, 50, 150]
  var singleAreaChartDataColumns = [
    ['data2', 140, 100, 150, 205, 145, 50]

  var c3ChartDefaults = $().c3ChartDefaults();
  var singleAreaChartConfig = c3ChartDefaults.getDefaultSingleAreaConfig();
  singleAreaChartConfig.bindto = '#area-chart-4'; = {
    columns: singleAreaChartDataColumns,
    type: 'area-spline'
  var singleAreaChart = c3.generate(singleAreaChartConfig);