Checkbox Filter

Checkbox Filter

A checkbox filter is a filter trigger that enables users to add and remove filters primarily by checking and unchecking boxes next to filter criteria. A checkbox filter may also include a text field if filtering by a text string such as name or keyword is important. Use a checkbox filter when…

  • The user is browsing a set of items without robust knowledge of what is in the set.
  • The important characteristics of the items to be filtered are mostly traits with a small and discrete set of choices like color, status, availability, or distributer rather than arbitrary text or numeric values such as name, date created, or amount of available space.
  • If the important characteristics of the items are mostly open-ended values, consider using a textbox filter instead.

Checkbox filters can be presented either as a dropdown in the toolbar or as a dedicated column on a content view.

Checkbox filter in a dropdown checkbox filter in a dropdown

A checkbox filter in a sidebar checkbox filter in a sidebar

Checkbox Filter

a checkbox filter

  1. Filter Dropdown (optional): Clicking this dropdown opens and closes the filter panel. A checkbox filter embedded in the page does not require a dropdown.
  2. Filter Textbox (optional): If a text-based filter such as a keyword filter is required, a textbox may be included at the top of the filter panel. No more than one textbox should be included in a checkbox filter if possible. If more than one is required, consider using a different filter pattern instead.
  3. Filter Category: These labels describe the category of the values below them. Examples include “Color”, “Status” etc.
  4. Filter Value: Examples include “Red”, “Blue”, “Running”, “Stopped”, etc. Clicking the checkbox next to a value will add a filter for that value and its associated category. If possible, values should be accompanied by a number in parentheses that represents the number of items in the set that match that value.
  5. Active Filters: See filter for a description of active filters and their behavior.

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